Mehdi Maujood

Hi. I'm a software engineer living in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy writing code, travelling, reading things and playing with my baby dog. You can have a look at my resume, or have a look at a few things I've done below.

Classical OOP in JavaScript

Following is a short article I wrote for CodeProject along with a small library for simulating class-based OOP with JavaScript. I had written the library for my own personal use but have stopped using it since adopting prototypal OOP in JavaScript.

Following is another article about Prototypal OOP in JavaScript I wrote for Prototypal OOP using JavaScript

Document Clustering: Research Paper

For my final year university project, two of my friends and I worked with our professor to compare some algorithms that utilized the suffix-tree data structure for text clustering. We presented the results in an IEEE conference and the research paper receieved 15+ citations.


This is a fun little snake game I wrote in the assembly language. No use to anyone, but still putting here because I really enjoyed making this.